Taj Mahal
UNESCO World Heritage site inscribed in 1983. The picture shows Taj mahal in the morning mists. Taj Mahal is surrounded by the tall walls. It can't be seen from near outside. Once getting into the gate, this extraordinary and perfect seen is unveiled, when is the time we may not have such a terrific experience so often.
(Left) Qutab Minar
This 72.5 meters high tower was built by a Muslim King, Qutab-ud-din Albak, as early as 1199 AD and a part of it which he could not finish was completed by his son, IItutmish.
(Right) In front of the structure is an iron pillar built in the 5th century AD. Suprising enough, it has not caught rust ever since it was built. It is believed that when a person can reach his hands back to the pillar, he will be lucky. However, after the accident that some tourist broken his bone, it is prohibited to touch the pillar.
"Pink" city
Jaipur is an attractive city for visitors. The whole city was painted in Pink color by Maharaja Man Singh II and is maintained to keep the original face.
(Left and Center) To climb up to the palace, we can ride on the elephant taxi. This is the only place we can see the fantastic taxi even in India.
Ajanta Caves
UNESCO World Heritage site inscribed in 1983. The buddhist caves of Ajanta are created from the 2nd century BC to the 6th century AD. They were discovered only in the 19th century. The paintings and the sculptures describe the life of Buddha and the teachings. The masterpieces are considered to be the beginning of classical Indian art.
(Right) The famous wall paitining, Buddha and Padma (Lotus).
Ellora Caves
UNESCO World Heritage site inscribed in 1983. Three major Indian religious (Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism) caves have laid jointly with the uninterrupted sequence of monuments dating from the 6th to 10th century AD.
Kailasa temple in Cave 16 dedicated to Lord Shiva. The entire structure having been carved out of a monolith. The work took more than a century to complete. Unlike other caves, the structure is carved from the top and the sides.
The Caves of Elephanta
The caves of Elephanta are located out of Bombay, one and a half hour by boat. The site of these magnificent caves, containing beautiful reliefs, sculptures, and a temple to the Hindu god Lord Siva, is now a designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These caves are thought to date back to the Silhara kings of the 9th through 12th century AD.
(Top Left) High school students from south India. Their eyes show the curiosity for the foreigners.
On the way from Jaipur to Agra.


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