(Left> Thermes d' Antonin
Public bath established in the 2nd century AD. Ancient Roman people enjoyed sauna, pool, hot or cool bath, and flush toilet! Pillars are Colint style and floors are covered by beautiful mosaics.
(Right> Ports Puniques
Ancient naval port. Now it looks only like a calm lake. The port used to have more than 200 galley ships.
Sidi Bou Said
This lovely blue and white village is probably the most famous place in Tunisia. The contrast among the red hibiscus, the white wall, and the blue window frame, the sky, and the sea, is in fact picturesque. Everything is a good subject to take a photo.
Aqua Duct
Constructed in the 2nd century AD. 132km length to Thermes d' Antonin, which is one of the longet Aqua Duct in the countries along the Mediterranean.
Bassin des Aglabites
Constructed in the 9th century AD. This reservoir is stii alive and is used for Kairouan city people.
El Djem
One of the best three largest colosseum in the world.
Sahara Desert
Camel in the Sunset
The sun is just setting behind the camel.
Gorges of Tamerza
The planet Tatooine in George Lucas's "Star Wars", really exists, not in a galaxy far, far away, but in here southern Tunisia! Actually the next Star Wars (Episode II?) has just been taken around here.
Zoo du Desert
(Left) A pair of lizards are embracing each other.
(Right) Scorpion came out from a cigarette case.
UNESCO World Heritage site inscribed in 1997.
Restaurant Dar el Jerd
One of the most famous restaurant in Tunis Medina. Tunisian cuisine with French delicacy.
Madom and a hawk
At Sidi Bou Said.
Berry Dancer


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